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Grevillea juniperina subsp. villosa Makinson
Family Proteaceae
Grevillea juniperina subsp. villosa Makinson APNI*

Description: Robust erect shrub to 2 m high; branches arching to erect, columnar; foliage often in pseudo-whorls with leaves clustered.

Adult leaves dark green with paler veins, sublinear to narrowly elliptic, 11–21 mm long, (0.7-) 0.9–1.8 (-2.6) mm wide; upper surface convex, with midvein and intramarginal veins variably conspicuous; margins smoothly recurved to refracted; lower surface usually partially exposed, openly to sparsely subvillous, especially along midvein, or sometimes glabrous; juvenile leaves with margins scarcely recurved.

Flower colour: perianth and style red or yellow; style-end and pollen-presenter sometimes paler red or yellow, or green. Perianth tomentose to subvillous outside; limb of bud conspicuously shaggy-subvillous or tomentose. Pistil 18–25 mm long.

Flowering: Flowers mostly August–September, sporadically in other months.

Distribution and occurrence: Occurs in N.S.W. in the Southern Tablelands, known only from an area E and NE of Braidwood, and one old record from Currockbilly.

Grows beside permanent watercourses in riparian shrub associations in remnant eucalypt forest, at altitudes of 550-600 m.
NSW subdivisions: ST
AVH map***

Text by R.O. Makinson
Taxon concept: R.O. Makinson (Fl. Australia)

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