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Search terms: Banksia
Distribution N.S.W.

      Banksia aemula , wallum banksia
      Banksia aspleniifolia = Banksia oblongifolia
      Banksia canei , Mountain Banksia
      Banksia collina
    +Banksia conferta
      Banksia conferta subsp. penicillata (A.S.George) A.S.George = Banksia penicillata
      Banksia conferta var. penicillata A.S.George = Banksia penicillata
      Banksia cunninghamii
      Banksia cunninghamii Sieber ex Rchb. subsp. cunninghamii = Banksia cunninghamii
      Banksia cunninghamii subsp. A = Banksia neoanglica
      Banksia cunninghamii subsp. A sensu Harden (1991) = Banksia neoanglica
      Banksia ericifolia > , Heath-leaved Banksia, Wadanggari (Cadigal)
      Banksia ericifolia subsp. ericifolia , Heath-leaved Banksia
      Banksia ericifolia subsp. macrantha , Heath-leaved Banksia
      Banksia ericifolia var. ericifolia L.f. = Banksia ericifolia subsp. ericifolia
      Banksia ericifolia var. macrantha A.S.George = Banksia ericifolia subsp. macrantha
      Banksia gunnii Meisn. = Banksia marginata
      Banksia integrifolia > , Coast banksia
      Banksia integrifolia L.f. var. integrifolia = Banksia integrifolia subsp. integrifolia
      Banksia integrifolia subsp. A sensu Harden (1991) = Banksia integrifolia subsp. monticola
      Banksia integrifolia subsp. integrifolia , Coast Banksia
      Banksia integrifolia subsp. monticola
      Banksia marginata , Silver Banksia
      Banksia marginata x paludosa subsp. astrolux
      Banksia neoanglica , New England Banksia
      Banksia oblongifolia , Fern-leaved Banksia
      Banksia oblongifolia var. minor (Maiden & Camfield) Conran & Clifford = Banksia oblongifolia
      Banksia paludosa > , Swamp Banksia
      Banksia paludosa subsp. astrolux
      Banksia paludosa subsp. paludosa , Swamp Banksia
      Banksia penicillata
      Banksia robur , Swamp Banksia
      Banksia robur x oblongifolia
      Banksia serrata , Old-man Banksia, Wiriyagan (Cadigal)
      Banksia serratifolia Salisb. = Banksia aemula
      Banksia spinulosa , Hairpin Banksia
      Banksia spinulosa Sm. var. spinulosa = Banksia spinulosa
      Banksia spinulosa var. collina (R.Br.) A.S.George = Banksia collina
      Banksia spinulosa var. collina-spinulosa intergrade , Hairpin Banksia
      Banksia spinulosa var. cunninghamii (Sieber ex Rchb.) A.S.George = Banksia cunninghamii
      Banksia spinulosa var. neo-anglica = Banksia neoanglica
      Banksia spinulosa var. neoanglica A.S.George = Banksia neoanglica
    +Banksia vincentia
      Dryandra R.Br. = Banksia

* denotes an introduced species; † denotes both native and introduced; + denotes a threatened species.
     ">" indicates that infraspecific taxa are recognised within a species

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