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Search terms: Myrtaceae
Distribution N.S.W.

      Acmena hemilampra > , broad-leaved lilly pilly, blush satinash
      Acmena hemilampra subsp. hemilampra , Broad-leaved Lilly Pilly
      Acmena ingens , red apple
      Acmena smithii , Lilly Pilly, Midjuburi (Cadigal)
      Anetholea anisata , Ringwood, Aniseed Tree, Aniseed Myrtle
      Angophora bakeri , Narrow-leaved Apple
      Angophora costata , Sydney Red Gum, Rusty Gum, Smooth-barked Apple
      Angophora crassifolia
    +Angophora exul
      Angophora floribunda , Apple, Rough-barked Apple
      Angophora hispida , dwarf apple, banda (Cadigal)
    +Angophora inopina
      Angophora leiocarpa
      Angophora melanoxylon , Coolabah Apple
      Angophora paludosa
    +Angophora robur
      Angophora subvelutina , broad-leaved apple
      Angophora woodsiana
      Archirhodomyrtus beckleri , Rose Myrtle
      Austromyrtus dulcis , midgen berry
      Austromyrtus tenuifolia
      Backhousia angustifolia , Narrow leaf Myrtle
      Backhousia myrtifolia , grey myrtle, ironwood
      Backhousia sciadophora , Shatterwood
      Baeckea brevifolia
      Baeckea diosmifolia , Fringed Baeckea
      Baeckea frutescens
      Baeckea gunniana , Alpine Baeckea
      Baeckea imbricata , heath myrtle
    +Baeckea kandos
      Baeckea latifolia
      Baeckea linifolia , weeping baeckea
      Baeckea omissa
      Baeckea utilis , Mountain Baeckea
      Callistemon acuminatus , Tapering-leaved Bottlebrush
      Callistemon brachyandrus , Prickly Bottlebrush
      Callistemon citrinus , crimson bottlebrush
      Callistemon comboynensis , Cliff Bottlebrush
      Callistemon flavovirens , Green Bottlebrush
      Callistemon formosus , Cliff Bottlebrush
    +Callistemon linearifolius
      Callistemon linearis , Narrow-leaved Bottlebrush
    +Callistemon megalongensis , Megalong Valley Bottlebrush
      Callistemon montanus , Mountain Bottlebrush
      Callistemon pachyphyllus , Wallum Bottlebrush
      Callistemon pallidus , Lemon Bottlebrush
      Callistemon pinifolius , Pine-leaved Bottlebrush
      Callistemon pityoides , Alpine Bottlebrush
    +Callistemon pungens >
      Callistemon pungens subsp. pungens
      Callistemon pungens subsp. synoriensis
    +Callistemon purpurascens
      Callistemon rigidus , Stiff Bottlebrush
      Callistemon sabrina
      Callistemon salignus , Willow Bottlebrush
      Callistemon serpentinus
      Callistemon shiressii
      Callistemon sieberi , River Bottlebrush
      Callistemon subulatus
      Callistemon viminalis , Weeping Bottlebrush
      Calytrix longiflora
      Calytrix tetragona , common fringe-myrtle
      Choricarpia leptopetala , Brown Myrtle, Brush Turpentine
    +Choricarpia subargentea , Giant Ironwood, Ironwood Box
    *Corymbia citriodora , Lemon-scented Gum
      Corymbia dolichocarpa , Long-fruited Bloodwood
      Corymbia eximia , yellow bloodwood
      Corymbia gummifera , red bloodwood
      Corymbia henryi , large-leaved spotted gum
      Corymbia intermedia , Pink Bloodwood
      Corymbia maculata , spotted gum
      Corymbia tessellaris , Carbeen, Moreton Bay Ash
      Corymbia trachyphloia > , White Bloodwood
      Corymbia trachyphloia subsp. amphistomatica
      Corymbia trachyphloia subsp. trachyphloia , White Bloodwood
      Corymbia tumescens
      Corymbia variegata
    +Darwinia biflora
      Darwinia briggsiae
      Darwinia camptostylis
      Darwinia diminuta
      Darwinia fascicularis >
      Darwinia fascicularis subsp. fascicularis
      Darwinia fascicularis subsp. oligantha
    +Darwinia glaucophylla
      Darwinia grandiflora
      Darwinia leptantha
    +Darwinia peduncularis
      Darwinia procera
      Darwinia taxifolia >
      Darwinia taxifolia subsp. macrolaena
      Darwinia taxifolia subsp. taxifolia
      Decaspermum humile , Silky Myrtle
      Eucalyptus acaciiformis , Wattle-leaved Peppermint
      Eucalyptus acmenoides , White Mahogany
      Eucalyptus aenea
      Eucalyptus agglomerata , Blue-leaved Stringybark
    +Eucalyptus aggregata , Black Gum
      Eucalyptus albens , White Box
      Eucalyptus alligatrix >
    +Eucalyptus alligatrix subsp. alligatrix
      Eucalyptus amplifolia > , Cabbage Gum
      Eucalyptus amplifolia subsp. amplifolia , Cabbage Gum
      Eucalyptus amplifolia subsp. sessiliflora
      Eucalyptus ancophila
      Eucalyptus andrewsii , New England Blackbutt, Gum-topped Peppermint
      Eucalyptus angophoroides , Apple-topped Gum
      Eucalyptus apiculata , Narrow-leaved Mallee Ash
      Eucalyptus apothalassica , Inland White Mahogany
    +Eucalyptus approximans , Barren Mountain mallee
    +Eucalyptus aquatica , Mountain Swamp Gum
      Eucalyptus badjensis
      Eucalyptus baeuerlenii , Baeuerlen's Gum
      Eucalyptus baileyana , Bailey's Stringybark
      Eucalyptus bakeri , Baker's Mallee
      Eucalyptus bancroftii , Orange Gum
      Eucalyptus banksii , Tenterfield Woollybutt
      Eucalyptus baueriana , Blue Box
      Eucalyptus baxteri , Brown Stringybark
      Eucalyptus behriana , Bull Mallee
      Eucalyptus bensonii
    +Eucalyptus benthamii , Camden White Gum, Bentham's Gum
      Eucalyptus beyeriana , Beyer's Ironbark
      Eucalyptus bicostata , Southern Blue Gum, Eurabbie
      Eucalyptus biturbinata , Grey Gum
      Eucalyptus blakelyi , Blakely's Red Gum
      Eucalyptus blaxlandii , Blaxland's Stringybark
    +Eucalyptus boliviana
      Eucalyptus bosistoana , coast grey box
      Eucalyptus botryoides , bangalay, southern mahogany
      Eucalyptus bridgesiana , Apple Box
      Eucalyptus brunnea
      Eucalyptus burgessiana , Faulconbridge Mallee Ash
      Eucalyptus caleyi >
      Eucalyptus caleyi subsp. caleyi
    +Eucalyptus caleyi subsp. ovendenii
      Eucalyptus caliginosa , Broad-leaved Stringybark
      Eucalyptus calycogona , Gooseberry Mallee
      Eucalyptus camaldulensis , River Gum, River Red Gum
      Eucalyptus cameronii , Diehard Stringybark
    +Eucalyptus camfieldii , Camfield's Stringybark, Heart-leaved Stringybark
      Eucalyptus campanulata , New England Blackbutt
      Eucalyptus camphora > , Mountain Swamp Gum, Broad-leaved Sally
      Eucalyptus camphora subsp. camphora , Broad-leaved Sally
      Eucalyptus camphora subsp. humeana
    +Eucalyptus camphora subsp. relicta
      Eucalyptus canaliculata , grey gum
    +Eucalyptus cannonii , Red Stringybark
    +Eucalyptus canobolensis
      Eucalyptus capitellata , Brown Stringybark
      Eucalyptus carnea , Thick-leaved Mahogany
    +Eucalyptus castrensis
      Eucalyptus cephalocarpa , Mealy Stringybark, Silver Stringybark
      Eucalyptus chapmaniana , Bogong Gum
      Eucalyptus chloroclada , Dirty Gum
      Eucalyptus cinerea > , Argyle Apple
      Eucalyptus cinerea subsp. cinerea
      Eucalyptus cinerea subsp. triplex
      Eucalyptus codonocarpa
      Eucalyptus conica , Fuzzy Box
      Eucalyptus conjuncta
      Eucalyptus consideniana , Yertchuk
      Eucalyptus conspicua
      Eucalyptus coolabah > , Coolibah
      Eucalyptus coolabah subsp. arida , Coolabah
      Eucalyptus coolabah subsp. coolabah
      Eucalyptus coolabah subsp. excerata
    +Eucalyptus copulans
    +Eucalyptus corticosa , Creswick Apple-box
      Eucalyptus costata > , Ridge-fruited Mallee
      Eucalyptus crebra , narrow-leaved ironbark, muggago (D'harawal)
      Eucalyptus croajingolensis , East Gippsland Peppermint
      Eucalyptus cunninghamii , Cliff Mallee Ash
      Eucalyptus cypellocarpa , Monkey Gum, Monkey Grey Gum
      Eucalyptus dalrympleana > , Mountain Gum
      Eucalyptus dalrympleana subsp. dalrympleana , Mountain Gum
      Eucalyptus dalrympleana subsp. heptantha
      Eucalyptus dawsonii , Slaty Gum
      Eucalyptus dealbata , Tumbledown Red Gum
      Eucalyptus deanei , mountain blue gum, round-leaved gum
      Eucalyptus debeuzevillei , Snow Gum
      Eucalyptus delegatensis > , Alpine Ash
      Eucalyptus delegatensis subsp. delegatensis , Alpine Ash
      Eucalyptus dendromorpha , Giant Mallee Ash, Budawang Ash
      Eucalyptus denticulata
      Eucalyptus deuaensis , Mongamulla Mallee
    +Eucalyptus dissita
      Eucalyptus dives , Broad-leaved Peppermint
      Eucalyptus dorrigoensis , Dorrigo White Gum
      Eucalyptus dumosa , White Mallee
      Eucalyptus dunnii , White Gum
      Eucalyptus dwyeri , Dwyer's Red Gum
      Eucalyptus elata , River Peppermint
      Eucalyptus elliptica , Bendemeer White Gum
      Eucalyptus eugenioides , Thin-leaved Stringybark
      Eucalyptus expressa
      Eucalyptus exserta , Peppermint, Messmate
      Eucalyptus fastigata , Brown Barrel, Cut-tail
      Eucalyptus fergusonii >
      Eucalyptus fergusonii subsp. dorsiventralis
      Eucalyptus fergusonii subsp. fergusonii
      Eucalyptus fibrosa , Red Ironbark
      Eucalyptus forresterae , Brumby Sallee
    +Eucalyptus fracta
      Eucalyptus fraxinoides , White Ash
      Eucalyptus fusiformis , Grey Ironbark
      Eucalyptus gillii , Curly Mallee
      Eucalyptus glaucescens , Tingiringi Gum
    +Eucalyptus glaucina , Slaty Red Gum
      Eucalyptus globoidea , White Stringybark
      Eucalyptus goniocalyx , Long-leaved Box, Bundy, Olive-barked Box
      Eucalyptus gracilis , Yorrell
      Eucalyptus grandis , flooded gum, rose gum
      Eucalyptus gregsoniana , Wolgan Snow Gum, Mallee Snow Gum
      Eucalyptus haemastoma , Scribbly Gum
      Eucalyptus hypostomatica
      Eucalyptus ignorabilis
      Eucalyptus imitans
    +Eucalyptus imlayensis
      Eucalyptus interstans
      Eucalyptus intertexta , Gum Coolibah
    +Eucalyptus kartzoffiana , Araluen Gum
      Eucalyptus kybeanensis , Kybean Mallee Ash
      Eucalyptus lacrimans , Weeping Snow Gum
      Eucalyptus laevopinea , Silver Top Stringybark
    +Eucalyptus langleyi
      Eucalyptus laophila
    +Eucalyptus largeana , Craven Grey Box
      Eucalyptus largiflorens , Black Box
      Eucalyptus latiuscula
      Eucalyptus leptophylla , Narrow-leaved Red Mallee
      Eucalyptus leucoxylon > , Yellow Gum, Blue Gum, White Ironbark
    +Eucalyptus leucoxylon subsp. pruinosa
      Eucalyptus ligustrina , Privet-leaved Stringybark
      Eucalyptus longifolia , woollybutt
      Eucalyptus luehmanniana , Yellow Top Mallee Ash
      Eucalyptus macarthurii , Camden woollybutt, Paddy's river box
      Eucalyptus macrorhyncha , Red Stringybark
    +Eucalyptus magnificata
      Eucalyptus maidenii , Maiden's Gum
      Eucalyptus major , grey gum
      Eucalyptus malacoxylon , Apple Box
      Eucalyptus mannifera > , Brittle Gum
      Eucalyptus mannifera subsp. gullickii , Mountain Spotted Gum
      Eucalyptus mannifera subsp. mannifera , Brittle Gum
    +Eucalyptus mckieana , McKie's Stringybark
      Eucalyptus melanophloia , Silver-leaved Ironbark
      Eucalyptus melliodora , Yellow Box
      Eucalyptus michaeliana , Brittle Gum, Hillgrove Gum
      Eucalyptus microcarpa , Grey Box
    +Eucalyptus microcodon
      Eucalyptus microcorys , tallowwood
      Eucalyptus moluccana , Grey Box, Terriyergro (D'harawal)
      Eucalyptus moorei , Little Sally, Narrow-leaved Sally
      Eucalyptus morrisii , Grey Mallee
      Eucalyptus muelleriana , Yellow Stringybark
      Eucalyptus multicaulis , Whipstick Ash
      Eucalyptus nandewarica , Mallee Red Gum
    +Eucalyptus nicholii , Narrow-leaved Black Peppermint, Willow Peppermint
      Eucalyptus niphophila , Snow Gum
      Eucalyptus nitens , Shining Gum
      Eucalyptus nobilis , Ribbon Gum
      Eucalyptus nortonii , Bundy
      Eucalyptus notabilis , mountain mahogany
      Eucalyptus nova-anglica , New England Peppermint
      Eucalyptus nubila , Blue-leaved Ironbark
      Eucalyptus obliqua , Messmate
      Eucalyptus oblonga , Narrow-leaved Stringybark, Sandstone Stringybark
      Eucalyptus obstans , Port Jackson Mallee
      Eucalyptus ochrophloia , Yapunyah
      Eucalyptus odorata , Peppermint Box
      Eucalyptus oleosa > , Red Mallee
      Eucalyptus oleosa subsp. oleosa , Red Mallee
      Eucalyptus olida
      Eucalyptus olsenii , Woila Gum
      Eucalyptus ophitica
      Eucalyptus oreades , Blue Mountains Ash
    +Eucalyptus oresbia
      Eucalyptus ovata , Swamp Gum
      Eucalyptus pachycalyx >
    +Eucalyptus pachycalyx subsp. banyabba
      Eucalyptus paliformis , Wadbilliga Ash
      Eucalyptus panda
      Eucalyptus paniculata > , Grey Ironbark
      Eucalyptus paniculata subsp. matutina , Grey Ironbark
      Eucalyptus paniculata subsp. paniculata , Grey Ironbark
      Eucalyptus parramattensis > , Parramatta Red Gum, Drooping Red Gum
    +Eucalyptus parramattensis subsp. decadens
      Eucalyptus parramattensis subsp. parramattensis , Parramatta Red Gum
    +Eucalyptus parvula , Small-leaved Gum
      Eucalyptus pauciflora , White Sally, Snow Gum
      Eucalyptus perriniana , Spinning Gum
      Eucalyptus pilligaensis , Narrow-leaved Grey Box
      Eucalyptus pilularis , Blackbutt
      Eucalyptus piperita , Sydney Peppermint
      Eucalyptus placita , Grey Ironbark
    †Eucalyptus planchoniana , Needlebark Stringybark , Bastard Tallowwood
      Eucalyptus polyanthemos > , Red Box
      Eucalyptus polyanthemos subsp. polyanthemos , Red Box
      Eucalyptus polyanthemos subsp. vestita , Red Box
      Eucalyptus polybractea , Blue-leaved Mallee
      Eucalyptus populnea > , Bimble Box, Poplar Box
      Eucalyptus populnea subsp. bimbil , Bimble Box, Poplar Box
      Eucalyptus porosa , Mallee Box
      Eucalyptus prava , Orange Gum
      Eucalyptus prominula , Stringybark
      Eucalyptus propinqua , small-fruited grey gum, grey gum
      Eucalyptus psammitica , Bastard White Mahogany
      Eucalyptus pseudoglobulus , Bastard Eurabbie
    +Eucalyptus pulverulenta , Silver-leaved Mountain Gum
    +Eucalyptus pumila , Pokolbin Mallee
      Eucalyptus punctata , grey gum
      Eucalyptus pyrocarpa , Large-fruited Blackbutt
      Eucalyptus quadrangulata , White-topped Box, Coast White Box
      Eucalyptus quinniorum , Monkey Gum
      Eucalyptus racemosa , Narrow-leaved Scribbly Gum, Snappy Gum
      Eucalyptus radiata > , Narrow-leaved Peppermint
      Eucalyptus radiata subsp. radiata , Narrow-leaved Peppermint
      Eucalyptus radiata subsp. sejuncta
      Eucalyptus ralla
    +Eucalyptus recurva
      Eucalyptus resinifera > , red mahogany
      Eucalyptus resinifera subsp. hemilampra
      Eucalyptus resinifera subsp. resinifera , Red Mahogany
      Eucalyptus retinens
      Eucalyptus robertsonii >
    +Eucalyptus robertsonii subsp. hemisphaerica
      Eucalyptus robertsonii subsp. robertsonii , Robertsons Peppermint
      Eucalyptus robusta , swamp mahogany
      Eucalyptus rossii , Inland Scribbly Gum, White Gum
      Eucalyptus rubida > , Candlebark
    +Eucalyptus rubida subsp. barbigerorum
      Eucalyptus rubida subsp. rubida , Candlebark
      Eucalyptus rubida subsp. septemflora
      Eucalyptus rudderi , Rudder's Box
      Eucalyptus rummeryi , Steel Box
      Eucalyptus saligna , Sydney blue gum
    +Eucalyptus saxatilis , Suggan Buggan Mallee
      Eucalyptus scias > , Large-fruited Red Mahogany
      Eucalyptus scias subsp. apoda , Large-fruited Red Mahogany
      Eucalyptus scias subsp. callimastha
      Eucalyptus scias subsp. scias , Large-fruited Red Mahogany
      Eucalyptus sclerophylla , Hard-leaved Scribbly Gum
    +Eucalyptus scoparia , Wallangarra White Gum
      Eucalyptus scopulorum
      Eucalyptus seeana , Narrow-leaved Red Gum
      Eucalyptus serpentinicola
      Eucalyptus siderophloia , Grey Ironbark
      Eucalyptus sideroxylon , Mugga Ironbark
      Eucalyptus sieberi , Silvertop Ash, Black Ash
      Eucalyptus signata , Scribbly Gum
      Eucalyptus smithii , Ironbark Peppermint, Gully Gum
      Eucalyptus socialis , Red Mallee
    +Eucalyptus sp. Cattai (Gregson s.n. 28 Aug 1954)
    +Eucalyptus sp. Howes Swamp Creek (M. Doherty 26)
      Eucalyptus sparsifolia , Narrow-leaved Stringybark
      Eucalyptus spectatrix
      Eucalyptus squamosa , Scaly Bark
      Eucalyptus stellulata , Black Sally
      Eucalyptus stenostoma
      Eucalyptus stricta , Blue Mountains Mallee Ash
    +Eucalyptus sturgissiana , Ettrema Mallee
      Eucalyptus subcaerulea
      Eucalyptus subtilior
      Eucalyptus tenella , Stringybark
      Eucalyptus tereticornis , Forest Red Gum, Buringoa (D'harawal)
    +Eucalyptus tetrapleura
      Eucalyptus tindaliae , Stringybark
      Eucalyptus tricarpa , Mugga Ironbark
      Eucalyptus tricarpa subsp. decora
      Eucalyptus triflora , Pigeon House Ash
      Eucalyptus triplex
      Eucalyptus umbra , Broad-leaved White Mahogany
      Eucalyptus vicina
      Eucalyptus viminalis , Ribbon Gum, Manna Gum
      Eucalyptus viridis , Green Mallee
      Eucalyptus volcanica
      Eucalyptus wilcoxii
      Eucalyptus williamsiana
      Eucalyptus yangoura , White Stringybark
      Eucalyptus youmanii , Youman's stringybark
    *Eugenia uniflora , Brazil Cherry, Pitanga
      Euryomyrtus denticulata
      Euryomyrtus ramosissima > , Rosy Baeckea
      Euryomyrtus ramosissima subsp. prostrata
      Euryomyrtus ramosissima subsp. ramosissima
      Gossia acmenoides , Scrub Ironwood
      Gossia bidwillii , Python Tree
    +Gossia fragrantissima , Sweet Myrtle, Small-leaved Myrtle
      Gossia hillii , Scaly Myrtle
      Gossia punctata
      Harmogia densifolia
    +Homoranthus bebo
      Homoranthus biflorus
    +Homoranthus binghiensis
      Homoranthus bruhlii
      Homoranthus cernuus
    +Homoranthus croftianus
    +Homoranthus darwinioides
      Homoranthus elusus
      Homoranthus flavescens
      Homoranthus floydii
    +Homoranthus lunatus
      Homoranthus melanostictus
    +Homoranthus prolixus
      Homoranthus virgatus
      Kardomia jucunda
      Kardomia odontocalyx
    +Kardomia prominens
    +Kardomia silvestris
      Kunzea ambigua , Tick Bush
      Kunzea aristulata
      Kunzea axillaris
      Kunzea badjaensis
      Kunzea bracteolata
    +Kunzea cambagei
      Kunzea capitata >
      Kunzea capitata subsp. capitata
      Kunzea capitata subsp. seminuda
      Kunzea ericoides , Burgan
      Kunzea juniperoides >
      Kunzea juniperoides subsp. juniperoides
      Kunzea juniperoides subsp. pernervosa
      Kunzea muelleri
      Kunzea obovata
      Kunzea occidentalis
      Kunzea opposita
      Kunzea parvifolia , Violet Kunzea
    +Kunzea rupestris
      Lenwebbia prominens
    +Lenwebbia sp. Main Range (P.R.Sharpe+ 4877) Qld Herbarium
      Leptospermum arachnoides
      Leptospermum argenteum
      Leptospermum benwellii
      Leptospermum blakelyi
      Leptospermum brachyandrum
      Leptospermum brevipes , Slender Tea-tree
      Leptospermum continentale , Prickly Tea-tree
      Leptospermum coriaceum , Green Tea-tree
      Leptospermum crassifolium
    +Leptospermum deanei
      Leptospermum deuense
      Leptospermum divaricatum
      Leptospermum emarginatum , Twin-flower Tea-tree
      Leptospermum epacridoideum
      Leptospermum grandifolium , Woolly Teatree, Mountain Tea-tree
      Leptospermum gregarium
      Leptospermum juniperinum , Prickly Tea-tree
      Leptospermum laevigatum , Coast Teatree
      Leptospermum lanigerum , Woolly Teatree
      Leptospermum liversidgei , Olive Tea-tree
      Leptospermum luehmannii , Ngun Ngun May Bush, Hillside Wild May
      Leptospermum macrocarpum
      Leptospermum microcarpum
      Leptospermum micromyrtus , Button Tea-tree
      Leptospermum minutifolium
      Leptospermum morrisonii
      Leptospermum multicaule , Silver Tea-tree
      Leptospermum myrsinoides , Heath Tea-tree, Silky Tea-tree
      Leptospermum myrtifolium , Myrtle Tea-tree, Grey Tea-tree
      Leptospermum namadgiense
      Leptospermum novae-angliae
      Leptospermum obovatum
      Leptospermum parvifolium
    †Leptospermum petersonii , Lemon-scented Teatree
      Leptospermum petraeum
      Leptospermum polyanthum
      Leptospermum polygalifolium > , Tantoon, Jellybush, Jelly Bush
      Leptospermum polygalifolium subsp. cismontanum , Tantoon
      Leptospermum polygalifolium subsp. howense , Tantoon
      Leptospermum polygalifolium subsp. montanum , Tantoon
      Leptospermum polygalifolium subsp. polygalifolium , Tantoon
      Leptospermum polygalifolium subsp. transmontanum , Tantoon
      Leptospermum rotundifolium , Round Leaf Tea-tree
      Leptospermum rupicola
      Leptospermum scoparium , Manuka, Tea-tree
      Leptospermum sejunctum
      Leptospermum semibaccatum
      Leptospermum speciosum
      Leptospermum spectabile
      Leptospermum sphaerocarpum
      Leptospermum squarrosum , peach blossom tea-tree
      Leptospermum subglabratum
    +Leptospermum thompsonii
      Leptospermum trinervium , Flaky-barked Tea-tree, Slender Tea-tree
      Leptospermum variabile
      Leptospermum whitei
    †Lophostemon confertus , Brush Box
      Lophostemon suaveolens , Swamp Mahogany, Swamp Turpentine
      Melaleuca acuminata > , Mallee Honey-myrtle
      Melaleuca acuminata subsp. acuminata
      Melaleuca alternifolia , Tea Tree
      Melaleuca armillaris > , Bracelet Honey-myrtle
      Melaleuca armillaris subsp. armillaris , Cream Paperbark, Bracelet Honey Myrtle
    +Melaleuca biconvexa , Biconvex Paperbark
      Melaleuca bracteata , black tea-tree
      Melaleuca capitata
    +Melaleuca deanei , Deane's Melaleuca
      Melaleuca decora
      Melaleuca densispicata , Miles Honey-myrtle
      Melaleuca diosmatifolia , Rosy Honey-myrtle
      Melaleuca ericifolia , Swamp Paperbark
      Melaleuca glomerata , Desert Honey-myrtle
    +Melaleuca groveana
      Melaleuca howeana , Tea Tree
      Melaleuca hypericifolia , Hillock Bush
      Melaleuca interioris
    +Melaleuca irbyana , Weeping Paperbark
      Melaleuca lanceolata , Moonah, Black Tea Tree
      Melaleuca linariifolia , Flax-leaved Paperbark, Budjur (Gadigal)
      Melaleuca nodosa , Prickly-leaved Paperbark
      Melaleuca parvistaminea
      Melaleuca quinquenervia , broad-leaved paperbark
      Melaleuca sieberi
      Melaleuca squamea , Swamp Honey-myrtle
      Melaleuca squarrosa , Scented Paper-bark
      Melaleuca styphelioides , Prickly-leaved Tea Tree
      Melaleuca thymifolia , Thyme Honey-myrtle
      Melaleuca tortifolia
      Melaleuca trichostachya
    †Melaleuca uncinata , Broombush
      Metrosideros nervulosa , mountain rose
      Metrosideros sclerocarpa , Mountain Rose
    +Micromyrtus blakelyi
      Micromyrtus ciliata , Fringed Heath-myrtle
    +Micromyrtus grandis
      Micromyrtus hexamera
    +Micromyrtus minutiflora
      Micromyrtus sessilis
      Micromyrtus striata
      Ochrosperma citriodorum
      Ochrosperma lineare , Straggly Baeckea
      Ochrosperma oligomerum
      Pilidiostigma glabrum , Plum Myrtle
    *Psidium cattleyanum > , Strawberry Guava
    *Psidium cattleyanum var. cattleyanum , Porpay, Red or Strawberry Guava, Cherry Guava
    *Psidium guajava , Common Guava, Yellow Guava
      Rhodamnia argentea , Silver Myrtle, Malletwood, Brown Malletwood, Silver Leaf, Silver Malletwood
      Rhodamnia maideniana , Smooth Scrub Turpentine
    +Rhodamnia rubescens , Scrub Turpentine, Brown Malletwood
      Rhodamnia whiteana , White Malletwood, Cliff Malletwood
    +Rhodomyrtus psidioides , Native Guava
      Rinzia orientalis , Desert Heath-myrtle
      Sannantha angusta
      Sannantha collina
      Sannantha crassa
      Sannantha cunninghamii
      Sannantha pluriflora
      Sannantha similis
      Sannantha whitei
      Syncarpia glomulifera > , turpentine
      Syncarpia glomulifera subsp. glabra
      Syncarpia glomulifera subsp. glomulifera , turpentine
      Syzygium australe , brush cherry
      Syzygium corynanthum , Sour Cherry
      Syzygium crebrinerve , Rose Satinash
      Syzygium francisii , giant water gum, rose satinash
      Syzygium fullagarii , Scalybark
    +Syzygium hodgkinsoniae , smooth-barked rose apple
      Syzygium luehmannii , Small-leaved Lilly Pilly, Riberry
    +Syzygium moorei , Coolamon, Durobby, Rose Apple
      Syzygium oleosum , blue lilly pilly, blue cherry
    +Syzygium paniculatum , Daguba (Cadigal), Magenta Lilly Pilly, Magenta Cherry
      Thryptomene hexandra
    +Triplarina imbricata
    +Triplarina nowraensis , Nowra Heath Myrtle
      Tristania neriifolia , Water Gum
      Tristaniopsis collina , Mountain Water Gum, Hill Kanuka
      Tristaniopsis laurina , water gum, kanooka, kanuka
    +Uromyrtus australis , Peach Myrtle
      Uromyrtus lamingtonensis
      Waterhousea floribunda , Weeping Lilly Pilly, Weeping Myrtle

* denotes an introduced species; † denotes both native and introduced; + denotes a threatened species.
     ">" indicates that infraspecific taxa are recognised within a species

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