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Search terms: Prostanthera
Distribution N.S.W.

    +Prostanthera askania , tranquility mintbush
      Prostanthera aspalathoides , Scarlet Mint Bush
      Prostanthera caerulea , Lilac Mint Bush
    +Prostanthera cineolifera
      Prostanthera conniana
      Prostanthera cruciflora
      Prostanthera cryptandroides >
    +Prostanthera cryptandroides subsp. cryptandroides
      Prostanthera cryptandroides subsp. euphrasioides
      Prostanthera cuneata , Alpine Mint Bush
      Prostanthera decussata , Dense Mintbush
    +Prostanthera densa
      Prostanthera denticulata , Rough Mint-bush
    +Prostanthera discolor
      Prostanthera elisabethae
      Prostanthera gilesii
      Prostanthera granitica , Granite Mintbush
      Prostanthera hindii
      Prostanthera hirtula , Hairy Mintbush
      Prostanthera howelliae
      Prostanthera incana , Velvet Mint-bush, Velvet Mint-bush
      Prostanthera incisa , cut-leaved mint-bush
    +Prostanthera junonis , Somersby Mintbush
      Prostanthera lanceolata
      Prostanthera lasianthos > , Victorian christmas bush
      Prostanthera lasianthos var. subcoriacea , Victorian Christmas Bush
      Prostanthera lasianthos "Girraween/Polblue variant" , Victorian Christmas Bush
      Prostanthera lasianthos "New England smooth-leaved variant" , Victorian Christmas Bush
      Prostanthera lasianthos "Rheophytic variant" , Victorian Christmas Bush
      Prostanthera lasianthos "Typical variant" , Victorian Christmas Bush
      Prostanthera linearis , Narrow-leaved Mint-bush
      Prostanthera makinsonii
    +Prostanthera marifolia
      Prostanthera melissifolia , Balm Mint-bush
      Prostanthera monticola
      Prostanthera nivea > , Snowy Mint-bush
      Prostanthera nivea var. induta , Snowy Mint-bush
      Prostanthera nivea var. nivea , Snowy Mint-bush
      Prostanthera ovalifolia , Oval-leaf Mintbush, Purple Mintbush
    +Prostanthera palustris
      Prostanthera petraea
      Prostanthera phylicifolia , Spiked Mintbush
      Prostanthera porcata
      Prostanthera prunelloides
      Prostanthera rhombea , Sparkling Mint-bush
      Prostanthera ringens , Gaping Mint-bush
      Prostanthera rotundifolia , Round-leaved Mintbush
      Prostanthera rugosa
      Prostanthera saxicola >
      Prostanthera saxicola var. bracteolata , Mint Bush
      Prostanthera saxicola var. major
      Prostanthera saxicola var. montana
      Prostanthera saxicola var. saxicola
      Prostanthera scutellarioides
    +Prostanthera sejuncta
      Prostanthera serpyllifolia > , Small-leaved Mint-bush
      Prostanthera serpyllifolia subsp. microphylla , Small Leaf Mint Bush
    +Prostanthera staurophylla
      Prostanthera stenophylla
      Prostanthera striatiflora , Jockey's Cap
    +Prostanthera stricta , Mount Vincent Mint Bush
      Prostanthera tallowa
      Prostanthera teretifolia , turpentine bush
      Prostanthera violacea , Violet Mint-bush
      Prostanthera walteri , Blotchy Mint-bush

* denotes an introduced species; † denotes both native and introduced; + denotes a threatened species.
     ">" indicates that infraspecific taxa are recognised within a species

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