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Search terms: Solanaceae
Distribution N.S.W.

    *Brugmansia suaveolens , Angel's Trumpet
    *Brugmansia x candida , Angel's Trumpet
    *Calibrachoa parviflora
    *Capsicum annuum >
    *Capsicum annuum var. glabriusculum
    *Capsicum frutescens , Chilli
    *Cestrum aurantiacum , Orange Cestrum
    *Cestrum elegans
    *Cestrum fasciculatum
    *Cestrum nocturnum , Lady-of-the-Night
    *Cestrum parqui , Green Cestrum, Green Poisonberry, Willow Leaved Jessamine
      Cyphanthera albicans > , Grey Ray Flower
      Cyphanthera albicans subsp. albicans , Grey Ray Flower
      Cyphanthera albicans subsp. notabilis
      Cyphanthera albicans subsp. tomentosa
      Cyphanthera scabrella
    *Datura ferox , Fierce Thornapple, Longspine Thornapple
    *Datura inoxia , Downy Thornapple
      Datura leichhardtii , Native Thornapple
      Datura metel
    *Datura stramonium , Common Thornapple
    *Datura wrightii , Hairy Thornapple
      Duboisia hopwoodii , Pituri
      Duboisia myoporoides , corkwood, eye opening tree, poisonous corkwood, poison corkwood, yellow basswood
    *Hyoscyamus niger , Henbane
    *Lycianthes rantonnettii , Blue Potato Bush
      Lycium australe , Australian Boxthorn
    *Lycium barbarum , Chinese Boxthorn, Goji Berry
    *Lycium ferocissimum , African Boxthorn
    *Nicandra physalodes , Apple-of-Peru
      Nicotiana forsteri
    *Nicotiana glauca , Tree Tobacco
      Nicotiana goodspeedii
      Nicotiana megalosiphon >
      Nicotiana megalosiphon subsp. megalosiphon
      Nicotiana occidentalis > , Native Tobacco
      Nicotiana occidentalis subsp. obliqua , Native Tobacco
      Nicotiana simulans
      Nicotiana suaveolens , Native Tobacco
    *Nicotiana tabacum , Tobacco
      Nicotiana velutina
    *Nierembergia hippomanica
    *Petunia axillaris
    *Petunia x atkinsiana , Petunia
    *Physalis angulata
    *Physalis hederifolia , Sticky Cape Gooseberry, Sticky Ground Cherry
    *Physalis ixocarpa , Ground Cherry
    *Physalis lanceifolia
    *Physalis longifolia , Perennial Ground Cherry
    *Physalis peruviana , Cape Gooseberry
    *Physalis philadelphica , Tomatillo
    *Physalis pubescens , Ground Cherry
    *Salpichroa origanifolia , Pampas Lily-of-the-valley, Cock's-eggs
      Solanum acanthodapis
      Solanum amblymerum
      Solanum americanum , Glossy Nightshade
      Solanum ammophilum
    +Solanum armourense
      Solanum aviculare , kangaroo apple, poroporo
    +Solanum bauerianum , Bridal Flower
    *Solanum betaceum , Tamarillo, Tree Tomato
      Solanum brownii , Violet Nightshade
      Solanum campanulatum
    *Solanum capsicoides , Devil's Apple
    +Solanum celatum
      Solanum chenopodinum
    *Solanum chenopodioides , Whitetip Nightshade
    *Solanum chrysotrichum , Devil`s Fig
      Solanum cinereum , Narrawa Burr
      Solanum cleistogamum
      Solanum coactiliferum , Western Nightshade
      Solanum corifolium
      Solanum curvicuspe
      Solanum densevestitum
      Solanum dianthophorum
      Solanum ditrichum
    *Solanum elaeagnifolium , Silver-leaved Nightshade
      Solanum ellipticum , Potato Bush, Potato Weed
      Solanum eremophilum
      Solanum erianthum , Potato Tree, Tobacco Tree
      Solanum esuriale , Quena
      Solanum ferocissimum , Spiny Potato Bush
      Solanum furfuraceum
      Solanum hapalum
    *Solanum hystrix , Afghan Thistle, Porcupine Solanum
      Solanum inaequilaterum
      Solanum jucundum
    +Solanum karsense
      Solanum laciniatum , Large Kangaroo Apple
      Solanum lacunarium , Lagoon Nightshade, Lagoon Nightshade
    *Solanum laxum , Potato Climber, Jasmine Nightshade
    +Solanum limitare
      Solanum linearifolium , Mountain Kangaroo Apple
    *Solanum linnaeanum , Apple of Sodom
    *Solanum lycopersicum , Tomato
    *Solanum mauritianum , Wild Tobacco Bush
      Solanum mitchellianum
      Solanum nemophilum
      Solanum neoanglicum
    *Solanum nigrum , Black-berry Nightshade
      Solanum nobile
      Solanum oligacanthum
      Solanum opacum , Green berry nightshade
      Solanum papaverifolium
      Solanum parvifolium >
      Solanum parvifolium subsp. parvifolium
      Solanum petrophilum , Rock Nightshade
    *Solanum physalifolium >
    *Solanum physalifolium var. nitidibaccatum
      Solanum prinophyllum , Forest Nightshade
    *Solanum pseudocapsicum , Madeira Winter or Jerusalem Cherry
      Solanum pungetium , Eastern Nightshade
      Solanum quadriloculatum , Tomato Bush, Wild Tomato
    *Solanum radicans , Cusmayllo
      Solanum rixosum
    *Solanum rostratum , Buffalo Burr, Pincushion Nightshade
    *Solanum sarrachoides
    *Solanum seaforthianum , Climbing Nightshade
      Solanum semiarmatum
      Solanum serpens
      Solanum shirleyanum
      Solanum silvestre , Violet Nightshade
      Solanum simile , Oondoroo
    *Solanum sisymbriifolium
      Solanum spirale
      Solanum stelligerum , Devil's Needles
      Solanum stenopterum
      Solanum sturtianum , Thargomindah Nightshade
    +Solanum sulphureum
    *Solanum torvum , Devil`s Fig
    *Solanum triflorum , Three-flowered Nightshade
      Solanum vescum , A Kangaroo Apple
    *Solanum viarum , Tropical Soda Apple
      Solanum vicinum
    *Withania somnifera , Winter Cherry

* denotes an introduced species; † denotes both native and introduced; + denotes a threatened species.
     ">" indicates that infraspecific taxa are recognised within a species

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