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Search terms: pultenaea
Distribution N.S.W.

    +Pultenaea alea
      Pultenaea altissima , Tall Bush-pea
      Pultenaea amoena Sieber ex N.A.Wakef. = Pultenaea linophylla
    +Pultenaea aristata , Bearded Bush-pea
    +Pultenaea baeuerlenii
      Pultenaea benthamii , Bentham's Bush-pea
      Pultenaea blakelyi
      Pultenaea brunioides (Meisn.) Joy Thomps. = Dillwynia brunioides
    +Pultenaea cambagei Maiden & Betche = Almaleea cambagei
      Pultenaea canescens , Plumed Bush-pea
      Pultenaea capitellata , Hard-head Bush-pea
      Pultenaea cinerascens
      Pultenaea cuneata
      Pultenaea cunninghamii (Benth.) H.B.Will. = Pultenaea spinosa
      Pultenaea daphnoides , Large-leaf Bush-pea
      Pultenaea daphnoides var. obcordata = Pultenaea daphnoides
      Pultenaea deanei R.T.Baker = Pultenaea ferruginea
      Pultenaea dentata , Clustered Bush-pea
      Pultenaea divaricata
      Pultenaea echinula , Curved Bush-pea
      Pultenaea elliptica Sm. = Pultenaea tuberculata
      Pultenaea elliptica var. oblongifolia DC. ex Sieber = Pultenaea tuberculata
    +Pultenaea elusa
      Pultenaea euchila , Orange Pultenaea
      Pultenaea fasciculata , Bundled Bush-pea
      Pultenaea ferruginea , Large Bronze Bush-pea
      Pultenaea ferruginea Rudge var. ferruginea = Pultenaea ferruginea
      Pultenaea ferruginea var. deanei (R.T.Baker) H.B.Will. = Pultenaea ferruginea
      Pultenaea ferruginea var. deanei (R.T.Baker) H.B.Will. = Pultenaea ferruginea
      Pultenaea flexilis , Graceful Bush-pea
      Pultenaea foliolosa , Small-leaf Bush-pea
      Pultenaea forsythiana Blakely = Pultenaea juniperina
      Pultenaea forsythiana var. uniflora Blakely = Pultenaea juniperina
    +Pultenaea glabra , Smooth Bush-pea
      Pultenaea gunnii > , Golden Bush-pea
      Pultenaea hartmannii
      Pultenaea hibbertioides Hook.f. = Pultenaea mollis
      Pultenaea hispidula
    +Pultenaea humilis , Dwarf bush pea
      Pultenaea incurvata A.Cunn. = Almaleea incurvata
    +Pultenaea insularis J.Z.Weber = Pultenaea pedunculata
    +Pultenaea johnsonii Tindale ms. = Pultenaea sp. Olinda (Coveny 6616)
      Pultenaea juniperina , Prickly Bush-pea
      Pultenaea juniperina var. juniperina Labill. = Pultenaea juniperina
      Pultenaea juniperina var. leiocalyx Blakely = Pultenaea juniperina
      Pultenaea juniperina var. mucronata (Benth.) Corrick = Pultenaea juniperina
      Pultenaea juniperina var. planifola H.B.Will. = Pultenaea juniperina
      Pultenaea juniperina var. planifolia H.B.Will. = Pultenaea juniperina
      Pultenaea largiflorens
      Pultenaea laxiflora
      Pultenaea laxiflora var. pilosa H.B.Will. = Pultenaea largiflorens
      Pultenaea linophylla
    +Pultenaea maritima , Coastal Bush-pea
    +Pultenaea maritima Kok ms (Hind 3092) = Pultenaea maritima
      Pultenaea microphylla
      Pultenaea microphylla Sieber ex DC. var. microphylla = Pultenaea microphylla
      Pultenaea microphylla var. cinerascens (Maiden & Betche) H.B.Will. = Pultenaea cinerascens
      Pultenaea mollis , Guinea flower bush pea, Soft Bush-pea
      Pultenaea myrtoides
      Pultenaea obcordata (R.Br.) Benth. = Pultenaea daphnoides
      Pultenaea obovata Benth. = Pultenaea altissima
      Pultenaea paleacea , Chaffy Bush-pea
      Pultenaea paleacea var. paleacea Willd. = Pultenaea paleacea
      Pultenaea paleacea var. robusta H.B.Will. = Pultenaea robusta
      Pultenaea paleacea var. sericea Benth. = Pultenaea sericea
      Pultenaea paludosa Joy Thomps. = Almaleea paludosa
    +Pultenaea parrisiae , Bantam Bush-pea
    +Pultenaea parrisiae J.D.Briggs & Crisp subsp. parrisiae = Pultenaea parrisiae
    +Pultenaea parrisiae subsp. elusa J.D.Briggs & Crisp = Pultenaea elusa
    +Pultenaea parviflora , Sydney Bush-pea
    +Pultenaea pedunculata , Matted Bush-pea
      Pultenaea petiolaris , Woolly Bush-pea
      Pultenaea platyphylla
      Pultenaea polifolia , Dusky Bush-pea
      Pultenaea procumbens , Heathy Bush-pea
      Pultenaea pycnocephala
      Pultenaea retusa , Notched Bush-pea
      Pultenaea robusta
      Pultenaea rodwayi
      Pultenaea rodwayi ms (Coveny 11017) Tindale ex de Kok = Pultenaea rodwayi
      Pultenaea rosmarinifolia
      Pultenaea rostrata
      Pultenaea scabra , Rough Bush-pea
      Pultenaea scabra var. biloba (R.Br.) Benth. = Pultenaea scabra
      Pultenaea scabra var. scabra R.Br. = Pultenaea scabra
      Pultenaea sericea , Chaffy bush pea
      Pultenaea setigera Benth. = Pultenaea procumbens
    +Pultenaea setulosa , Stony Bush-pea
    +Pultenaea sp. 'Genowlan Point' (NSW 417813) = Pultenaea sp. Genowlan Point (Allen s.n., 29 Nov 1997)
    +Pultenaea sp. 'Gibberagee State Forest' (Westaway 924) = Pultenaea alea
      Pultenaea sp. A = Pultenaea rostrata
      Pultenaea sp. A aff. ferruginea = Pultenaea rostrata
      Pultenaea sp. A sensu Weston (1991) = Pultenaea rostrata
      Pultenaea sp. B sensu Weston (1991) = Pultenaea tarik
      Pultenaea sp. C sensu Weston (1991) = Pultenaea linophylla
      Pultenaea sp. D sensu Weston (1991) = Pultenaea rodwayi
    +Pultenaea sp. E sensu Weston (1991) = Pultenaea sp. Olinda (Coveny 6616)
      Pultenaea sp. G sensu Weston (1991) = Pultenaea cuneata
    +Pultenaea sp. Genowlan Point (Allen s.n., 29 Nov 1997)
      Pultenaea sp. Gibraltar Range (Crisp 7383) = Pultenaea tarik
      Pultenaea sp. H sensu Weston (1991) = Pultenaea tuberculata
      Pultenaea sp. J sensu Weston (1991) = Pultenaea robusta
    +Pultenaea sp. K sensu Weston (1991) = Pultenaea parrisiae
      Pultenaea sp. Liverpool Range (Johnson 963) = Pultenaea cuneata
    +Pultenaea sp. Olinda (Coveny 6616)
      Pultenaea spinosa , Spiny Bush-pea, Grey Bush-pea
      Pultenaea stipularis , Handsome Bush-pea
      Pultenaea stuartiana Will. = Pultenaea foliolosa
      Pultenaea subspicata , Low Bush-pea
      Pultenaea subumbellata Hook. = Almaleea subumbellata
      Pultenaea tarik
      Pultenaea tuberculata , wreath bush-pea
      Pultenaea villifera >
      Pultenaea villifera var. villifera
      Pultenaea villosa , Hairy Bush-pea
      Pultenaea viscosa R.Br. ex Benth. = Pultenaea mollis
      Pultenaea vrolandii

* denotes an introduced species; † denotes both native and introduced; + denotes a threatened species.
     ">" indicates that infraspecific taxa are recognised within a species

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